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      The Himalayan experience is unique. Nowhere else will you get such grandeur of topography and the associated diversity of climate, landscapes, flora, fauna and of peoples. Nowhere else will you be able to stand in a humid jungle, deafened by cicadas, and rushing water to look through verdant growth to see the glistening snows of what the locals consider to be the "abode of the Gods" and on the same day climb up to a ridge-top camp from where you can see the sun's setting glow upon the world's highest mountains.

My first visit to the Himalaya in 1978 was one of awe and wonder, a feeling and excitement that I can still capture the essence of each time I return. These days, when I do return, it is, more often than not, accompanied by a group of people who have signed up on one of my regular exploratory treks that I lead for World Expeditions. I love to explore parts of the Himalaya that are off the well trodden paths written up in the guide books, fortunately, the extent of the Himalaya is such that there is still a lifetime and more, exploratory walking to be done. On most occasions these treks take us to places very few have been and sometimes we are the first to go there. On all trips I like to give people the unique chance of climbing above the snow line on a climb of a technically easy peak of around 6000 metres. The only prerequisite is that participants have a sense of adventure, a willingness to try and a trust that I will do my best to ensure that they will get a unique and satisfying adventure. A good - but not extreme - level of fitness is preferred but it is not necessary to have any climbing experience. For more information please consult the World Expeditions website.

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