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In August and September 2012 Tim returned to northern Pakistan after an absence of twenty-five years to conduct one his occasional exploratory treks for World Expeditions. What he found only reinforced his original opinion that the Karakoram are the ultimate mountains on the planet and that the people who inhabit Baltistan and Hunza have a rare dignity, pride and toughness - indeed, being among them offers a compelling reason to visit, apart from those incredible peaks.

     Prior to the Karakoram, Tim also spent time in the West Kimberley, some of which was spent conducting a sailing and walking trip along its remote and spectacular coast. Tim plans to return next year to conduct trip see http://www.worldexpeditions.com.

     Tim is also formulating plans to return to the Karakoram.

     In November 2010 Tim was a guest speaker at the Royal Geographic Society, London, as part of the ‘First on Everest- Celebrating the World’s Highest Mountain’ special event.

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