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Tim has been in demand as an inspirational speaker since his ascent of a new route up the North Face of Mount Everest in 1984. The experience of having climbed Everest for the second time without oxygen and Sherpa assistance in 1990, after having walked all the way from sea level, simply improved his speaking repertoire and increased demand for his talks.
     He uses his mountaineering achievements as a spectacular framework to deliver an inspirational example of how to overcome obstacles. His use of high quality slides with a synchronised sound track and film footage from his award winning films polish off his profoundly moving talks. Despite his use of spectacular audio-visuals, he believes the success of his talks are due to mountaineering being such an accurate and simple metaphor for any worthwhile struggle in life. The drama of climbing a Himalayan giant lends itself well to communicating the fundamental aspects of achievement and Tim has a low key but powerful ability to give the hackneyed but important topics of goals setting, motivation, dedication, self-discipline, team-work and managing a fresh, meaningful and memorable perspective.
     Tim has delivered hundreds of lectures in Australia, Asia and Europe to both public and corporate gatherings.  
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